The Solution to Hackers? Hire Them!{6}

by Jongwoo Y
This article deals with the problems that many companies have been facing with the birth of the information age, hackers. Companies such as Sony, Zappos, and even the government have been targets of many different hacker groups. The author goes into detail about one group in particular, Anonymous. This group is viewed as a political movement, rather than just malicious hackers that are making businesses go crazy for no reason. Whenever Anonymous attacks a business’ database, it is politically motivated with recent events that the business has been a part of. The article suggests that when these hackers are actually caught, it would be more beneficial to help rehabilitate these hackers and actually hire them to help prevent future cyber attacks. A huge reason that supports this movement is that many of the hackers in today’s world are very young. A lot of the members of Anonymous that do the actual hacking for the group are between the ages of 14-22 (Rashid, 2012). Not only would it be harder to prosecute a minor for their actions; it would help shape the future of these young people and help them take a step in the right direction in their lives. An interesting analogy that the author of this article made was that when a group such as Anonymous disrupts an online business, it is debatable whether or not it is more damaging than actually physically picketing in front of a physical storefront. Due to the recent rise of “hacktivists” (hackers who have political motives), businesses and law enforcement have created a better system of sharing information with one another (Rashid, 2012). Misha Glenny states, “We have a lot of talent out there and we should start to think of developing methods so we can find incentives to channel those talents before it happens.”. This makes perfect sense for businesses, and is a great solution to combat cyber attacks.

This article was awesome because the writer did not decide to just attack these hacker groups and accuse them of being a menace to society. The author actually decided to sympathize  with Anonymous members and argued for a solution that would allow members of these groups who get caught to better their lives. There are many talented people out there, and they could definitely be using their skill sets for the wrong reasons, however, it is never too late to change their ways and create a more stable and healthier environment for them. The recent attacks on big e businesses have become a major factor in today’s economy. Businesses are spending more money in order to protect their customer databases and are willing to take extreme measures in order to keep them safe. Though hiring a hacker that once tried to attack your own database, it is a very rewarding choice for companies  as they are able to receive insight from people that actually know what they’re looking for. The solution of hiring these hackers for the good of a business is a great idea and I hope it becomes more popular.

Reading this article reminded me a lot of the movie “Catch Me if You Can”. In that movie, Leonardo Dicaprio’s character is a master of forging and when he is eventually caught, he ends up being hired by the FBI in order to help identify other counterfeit forms. I’m really glad that these hackers are using their talents for the greater good, and hope this becomes a popular solution.

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