There is a Good Chance That Your Bank Hit By Cyber Attackers{3}

The article I read this week is “Major Banks hit with biggest cyber attack in history” by David Goldman. The author is saying that major banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, U.S. Bank and PNC bank had experienced biggest cyber attack ever in the history over weeks since September 19, 2012. The volume of the attack was 10 to 20 time larger than normal attacks, and 2 times larger than previous record. These banks all suffered day-long unusual volume of traffic that cyber attackers created. The unusual traffics caused slowdowns, and some bank’s website was temporally unreachable to many customers. Fortunately, there was not actual hacking involved. None of personal data or transactional data was stolen. The attackers were simply tried to knocking down the bank’s public facing website this time.

This article is interesting because we have talked about data security in the class. We have learned why conventional file processing system has limitations in security and data integrity when multiple users attempt to change data at same time. Even though there are several costs and risks in database approach, almost all company use database approach nowadays, one of the biggest advantages is security.

If cyber attackers succeeded this attack, many customers would be worry about their funds. And the incident will damage the company’s credit, moreover will endanger company’s life. I glad to see there was no loss from this attack, the banks should prepare for bigger attacks in the future.

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