Three Things the Data Team Wishes You Knew About Data Modeling{1}

by Hassib K
Loraine Lawson blogs about the importance of data modeling and the three things that data team’s wish their CIO, IT manager, or even business manager knew about data modeling.  She writes that data modeling is very important and it’s different than application development.  She points out that application development looks to solve a problem quickly, while data modeling employs bigger picture thinking.  Data modelers need to spend time making sure that the data is useful for now and the future.  She explains how sometimes with application development we end up with data silos and that data models allow us to share information much easier.  Lastly, she says that data models don’t have to be “finished” to be useful. She finishes with, “love your data”, “Data lasts longer than code, technologies, buzzwords and hardware. It’s what we make decisions on and build the business on.” (Lawson, 2012).


This was all very relevant and informative commentary on data modeling.  I agree that data modeling is important and is different than application development.  Big picture thinking is definitely necessary and I plan on focusing my attention towards developing this skill.  I hope to be able to develop quality data models that will aid in successful business operation.  I agree that data is very important and organizing it correctly will only help you.  When she says “love your data”, I totally get it, because having relevant information on your customers and their buying habits for example is extremely helpful in sales/marketing campaigns.



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