Top 15 Cloud Storage Tips and Tasks

by Jonathan N
The Article by Paul Ian “Top 15 Cloud Storage Tips and Tasks” was a great article which listed several types of uses and purposes for Cloud Computing. It listed many different uses for cloud computing  and how they can be utilized for your everyday life. Cloud computing is a tool that is very useful for many different types of people. However, they have found that users utilize cloud computing the most for its music synchronization. The article also explains how to actually use cloud computing. It shows you how to upload your “My Documents” folder directly  into the cloud, how to access a PC remotley through the cloud, also it shows you how to merge multiple servers into your cloud network.  Some information that i have learned from this article include using a program called Spideroak to encrypt  your files in the cloud for protection reasons. Also, i have learned that Dropbox saves a snapshot of every document used or seen in the last 30 days. This feature helps you to check if you deleted a file or simply misplaced it. The article also demonstrate ways to send downloads straight from a website to your cloud storage, as well as attaching email documents into the cloud storage.

I found this aricle to relate to our class because we have mentioned how organizations store databases in clouds.  Cloud Computing is a great way to store your companies information to make it accessible to many either by a computer or by a mobile device. This was a very enjoyable article because it showed me great tips and information about what you can use cloud computing for.

Source: Paul, Ian. (2012, May 6). Top 15 Cloud Storage Tips and Tasks. PC World.

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2 thoughts on “Top 15 Cloud Storage Tips and Tasks

  • May 20, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    Cloud usage can have its advantages, this article is great because it shows us many of them, but I personally wouldn’t store any sensitive info on there due to the privacy / security issues.

  • May 20, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    I thought this article was very informative. I was not aware that you can download from a website straight to the cloud. It is also good to know that there is a way to encrypt the data through the listed app called Spideroak. Although companies will find many benefits in using the cloud for their computing needs, I would not start using this professionally just yet. Risks are too high.

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