Traditional versus Semantic{1}

by Han C
The article compares the performance of queries done through different data models. It also talks about how SQL, a system developed back in the 70’s, is still a dominant interface language even twenty years later. I found it interesting because it explains the need for transitioning from traditional data models towards semantic models. Entity-relationship model being one of the semantic models.

At the end of the article, their experiment “confirmed that conceptual-level queries were formulated in 35 percent of the time it took for logical level queries. In addition, they were also 38 percent more accurate.” Users of the conceptual-level took less time to train and were more confident in using it.

User-Database Interface: The Effect of Abstraction Levels on Query Performance
Hock Chuan Chan, Kwok Kee Wei and Keng Leng Siau
MIS Quarterly , Vol. 17, No. 4 (Dec., 1993), pp. 441-464
Published by: Management Information Systems Research Center, University of Minnesota
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