Trending in IT{4}

by Anthony T
The article focuses on Hadoop and MapReduce and their place in the market.
Hadoop is basically a software which can allows applications to work in
collaberatively with hundreds and even thousands of indepedant computers.
Another selling point to this software is the fact that it can handle
data in the range of petabytes. MapReduce is a framework. Its practical use
is for processing clusters or grids. The data used for processing can either
be unstructured(filesystem) or structured(database). The author reports that
there will be a significant jump in growth for Hadoop and MapReduce and
forecests that jump at 60% in 2016. The idea behind the software and framework is to split big amounts of data and process them among many different nodes; most of the data being unstructured and coming from internet sites and social networking apps.

I find it actually very interesting how data consumption is shaping the world
of IT. The number forcasted in the article, in my opinion, is rather
exaggerated; however, i think the author has picked up a very important
trend in the IT field. This informatino here has actually sparked my curiousity.

Kanaracus,Chris(May 7,2012).IDC: Explosive Growth Expected for Hadoop, MapReduce Related Revenues. Retrieved from