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by Irving A
An article published by Business Wire titled Blueberry Systems Launches Mobile Dashboard Application to Access Real-Time Loan Production Data discusses the launch of an innovative mobile application for current mortgage production stats users. Blueberry Systems, LLC, announced the launch of RelayWatch Mobile during the Mortgage Bankers association’s 98th Annual Convention & Expo. The application creates a system which “works as a database that blends information coming from different sources to offer information in an actionable timeframe” (Business Wire, 2011). RelayWatch is a complete universal data model that offers a complete loan origination system to lenders which provides the most accurate loan production data. This system keeps data updated and eliminates data silos and the need for duplicate data entry. In essence, using the new universal data model application delivers better data management solutions to customers and businesses.

A universal data model is some sort of template data model that can be used as a starting point of a corporate data model, logical data model or data warehouse model. Universal data models have shown that the same basic models can be applied to many examples with very little customizing; almost a “one size fits all” model. A universal data model may be applied to businesses who sell services, or corporations that sell products. The idea is that although very different types of businesses, the same universal data model may be applied with very little modification. Ultimately, universal data models can reduce the time to complete a corporate model, logical data model or data warehouse design significantly. Which also means it can help increase the quality of such designs when under tight project deadlines.

It is important to note that while universal data models are used as tools to quickly develop quality database designs by reusing available data models, they are also provide practical designs and insights for data integration. This provides corporations with strong and reliable data and information. As we can see from the recent application provided by Blueberry Systems, LLC, data is now shared a lot more easily on handheld cellular devices. Although it’s uses the same database like most universal data models, this application had become a lot more accessible as it is available to customers and businesses simultaneously through their cell phones. This further saves time and cuts data model costs significantly for many corporations.


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