Update to Microsoft SQL{3}

The article i read, titled ” Microsoft Courts Big Data Market with SQL Server Update” is about a recent update to the SQL servers by microsoft that is suppose to cater to managing large amounts of data. The update is suppose to bring a “modern data platform that embraces traditional structured data.” The new update allows for Microsoft to connect data that is unstructured to structured data, such as connecting the data platform Hadoop to a structured data system offered by Microsoft. The new update also brings into play a social networking service called Klout, which uses Hadoop to process social networking data, as much as 350 gigabytes a day. The SQL system is suppose to be very useful for consumers that are already experienced with using the Microsoft SQL and other Microsoft products to form their databases, but it offers very little incentives for users of a different database system. According to Curt Monash, Microsoft is playing “catch-up” to the big data market. However, it is making the right steps into imposing itself into the big data market.

This article relates to our class because we use SQL to structure our data, and we are learning how to use microsoft programs to form our databases.

This article was interesting to read because it relates to directly on what we are learning in class. The update was released April 1, 2012, so it will be interesting to find out more on how this update has affected people who use SQL for their database needs. I feel that Microsoft may eventually be a bigger factor in the database field, so it is important to keep an eye on their developments.

Source: Jackson, Joab. “Microsoft Courts Big Data Market With SQL Server Update.” PCWORLD. March 6, 2012. Retrieved May 20, 2012 from <http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/251375/microsoft_courts_big_data_market_with_sql_server_update.html>