Updating an IT Professional

by Miguel V
With technology trends like cloud computing, big data and converged infrastructures “significantly changing the way enterprise IT professionals run their data centers” Cisco Systems is teaming up with EMC and VMware to provide IT professionals training “in a wide range of areas impacting the data center, from networking and cloud computing to storage and virtualization.” Cisco goals are to give IT administrators the required training to address technology trend issues. With this program Cisco and its partners are leading the way in transforming skills for the next generation of IT professionals . With cloud computing changing the way information and data  is being sent from one server to the next “IT organizations must cultivate new cloud architecture skills, understand how to use big data and maintain deep domain expertise with a renewed understanding of virtualization and technology convergence.” Through its training courses Cisco plans on giving technical “professionals the skills to build and run these evolving data centers” by providing ” a prescriptive and simple way to acquire the right skills at the right time.
This article has a couple of topics that relate to what we discussed about in class when dealing with data modeling and the importance of knowing good naming techniques that everyone can understand. Personally I like that Cisco Systems is stepping up and providing IT professionals that don’t want to go back to college a simple course that is design to update them on the new technology and practices of an IT professional in a simple and easy to understand way.

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4 thoughts on “Updating an IT Professional”

  1. Its a good thing CISCO is doing this; a lot of the people out there already have years of experience and training and its cheaper for companies to simply run a few training courses retraining current employees with new technologies (in this case cloud computing) rather than having to hire new recruits.

  2. I also agree that Cisco is doing good with this training program. Technology is progressing very quick and more experienced and veteran IT admins and employees are more experienced with trends from their time. This way they are able to keep up and better informed of new trends and technologies.

  3. Having every employee go back to college would take alot of time and money from Cisco. By allowing them the opportunity to gain the new skills say by giving the IT professionals a crash course on the basics over a weekend or so, it can benefit both the professional and Cisco. The professional also gains a bit of job security as they will have new skills to contribute.

  4. As someone who lives with a recent graduate from Cal Poly Pomona (he has 4-5 years experience preceding graduation), it really is a good thing that Cisco is implementing this program. He recently has been taking courses for various IT Certifications, and frequently notes how quickly things change in the field, his recent courses to be certified by VMware were an eye-opener to me that as a professional, IT and MIS workers will have to be constantly learning to keep up with a constantly updating environment.

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