Using Object Oriented Programming in your Database Applications

by Leonardo S
The article I chose for this week is titled “Effective Apply of Design Pattern in Database-Based Application Development” written by Hao Dai. The main purpose of the article is to give guidelines on creating database based applications that are fully optimized to run smoothly. The author suggests that using object-oriented programming effectively is a good way to give your application the structure it needs to be easily maintainable. One example of this is to keep your database interactions in one class in your program. Making sure your application follows this strict design pattern will make it much easier to understand for your and for others who need to read your code. The author says this will also improve the scalability of the whole application and it will reduce the coupling between software modules.

I think this article  fits well with what we learned last class about database based applications. One thing we learned is how to connect a database with a java application using the JDBC driver. If we ever needed to create a java database application, the guidelines proposed by this article would definitely come in handy. Optimizing both our SQL statements as well as our object oriented programming techniques will lead to many benefits for the program as a whole.

I liked reading the article even though a few of the concepts were a little difficult to follow. It is taken from a conference originally held at a vocational college in China. The text could have been written better, but many of the key points were still easy to understand. I stuck with the article because the ideas about having good design in your application seemed really important.

Hao Dai. (2012). Effective Apply of Design Pattern in Database-Based Application Development. 2012 Fourth International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences (ICCIS). pgs.558 – 561 .

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  • November 20, 2012 at 2:10 am

    Since we are creating database based off applications, I thought it was interesting the author suggested object-orientated programming. Although I cannot completely understand the article, Im sure once we explore java database applications, this article is become more understandable. It was an interesting read and look forward to see other people’s opinion on the matter.

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