Using XQuery to Retrieve Data

by Penny P
XML is widely used in the web because it could be used to store all types of data. XQuery has become a language used to perform XML queries as it has the ability process XML data. Before the queries can happen, an XQuery Implementation needs to be applied. The XQuery Implementation must meet the following requirements: 1) be based on the XQuery standard, 2) be capable of access web requests, and 3) be able to write XML documents as webpages. The result of XQuery Implementation creates XHTML documents. Before it could be used to perform web searches, two more steps are needed: 1) build an application environment in a web server so it could execute the XQuery scripts and 2) process and answer the requests that are being made.

The example that the authors provided was an online search that queries books within electronic libraries. Keywords used in the search are the querying condition and the XQuery accesses the request and generates the HTML results for the user. XML provides a structure for storing information; XQuery is used to perform tasks such as how information is displayed. The authors believe that XML will make a great impact on libraries because of how power a scripting language XQuery is for processing XML data.

This article was interesting because it talked about how XML and XQuery can be used with each other to perform tasks and retrieve data. I liked how the authors used the example of the online library to demonstrate how XML and XQuery would be used if it was implemented. It made a lot of sense that there would be tools that allowed users to retrieve data from XML files since it is used to store data. This another example of how queries can be used to gather information from databases.


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  1. Great article I had herd about XQuery before but had never really looked into it. I think it is good for us as students learning about Databases that we have some general knowledge on what XQuery is and its capabilities. I am curious of the syntax of XQuery and wonder how similar it is to SQL, because clearly it does the same thing as SQL which is retrieve data.

  2. I have been meaning to get more into XML. Don’t know too much about it really but I’m sure we will all learn more about it in our web development course after we complete this one. Good article.

  3. Good Article, I would be interesting in learning more about XQuery. I also would be interested in how similar the syntax is to SQL statements. I think as students we need to be aware of the different types of database queries that are out there.

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