Utilizing TTS and SAN Snap{Comments Off on Utilizing TTS and SAN Snap}

by Arlyn R
Alex Polishchuk’s article (2012), ” Oracle Transportable Tablespace over SAN Snap,” shares a step by step approach which uses the transportable tablespace (TTS) feature combined with SAN snap technology to increase backup processing time between databases regardless of size. The author first determines three prerequisites that must be met in order to utilize these tools. Polishchuk then presents a real-world example that applies the approach which includes the source database specifications. The author then gives a thirty-one step implementation on how to execute SAN snap technology via transportable tablespace set. A database with 3766 tables, 41,215 object grants, 50 schemas, and 5,853 indexes that exists on three SAN logical discs is transferred in forty minutes. The SAN snapping feature only takes up 10 seconds of the forty minute process.

I found this article relevant to chapter six of our textbook since it covers a feature of the Oracle 11g database environment. The thirty-one steps didn’t give specific coding but a guide on what to do not how to implement the transfer. Therefore, it is easy to follow as a student but the implementation process would be something that will hopefully make more sense the further we get into SQL. So, this article was probably for professional DBAs and their breadth of knowledge.

This article was interesting because the author used a real-world example to explain the transportable tablespace and SAN snap combined approach. The author’s example included SAN logical discs for storage. SAN storage discs work independently from the servers which allows easier scalability and seemed likely to what most small and mid-size businesses use for their database storage.

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