Video Game Databases

by Bernard T
Online multiplayers games have grown in popularity ever since they first came out during the middle of the 1970s. Closely connected to these games and one can say a very critical part of being able to make games online and multiplayer are the servers or databases that host them. Databases are a big part of online games especially ones with a persistent world because of the endless information that they have to store and manipulate. The articles I read mentioned many different type of DBMS that can be used to run their games. MySQL seems to be one of the most popular but they also mention that it is not the best for online games; PostgreSQL and NoSQL were mentioned and according to the opinions of the many articles were best suited for this because these were designed for high concurrency. According to the article current online games are very database dependent and the more popular ones who can afford it dedicate servers for specific segments of the game world. This means that the game world’s different locations have their own personal server. Most online game architectures consist of four major components and 3 out of 4 require their own physical database to run them:

  • A gaming client to render the game for the user.
  • Gaming servers to interact with the gaming client.
  • A Web application server to integrate with the gaming servers and clients.
  • A database server to persist and retrieve data.

Almost everyone I have met who had some kind of inkling to get into a gaming career always seems to mention wanting to write software to develop games. I have been playing online games for years now and although I have heard that they used servers it barely dawned on me that this is what I going to school for. My point is that being part of a company who makes games does not relegate one to writing or testing the games itself but is also gives an option to run the databases who hosts these games. Since I am a business major I always enjoy reading anything to do with the popularity and job opportunities of our chosen profession and knowing that Database management is a big part of online games it encourages me to know that if I ever want to involve myself with the gaming industry this avenue is always open to me. Knowing this makes me very pleased and excited about the career choice I have made and I hope that this will encourage other students as well.


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2 thoughts on “Video Game Databases”

  1. Very interesting….might I also add that you are certainly not alone in omitting the association online gaming franchises with business administration. It is not common to mentally connect the two, but as your article and synopsis pointed out, they are very much related.

    Additionally, I recall from high school that my particular group of friends all stated game design as their future career path of choice. While only one of them actually chased a full-fledged education in it, I'm now curious as to how many others will find themselves being able to work with games through their varying respective fields.

    Cool article. Cheers!

  2. Interesting article! I used to play World of Warcraft, so any article that relates to gaming gets my attention. Never in my head did I connect gaming to database, now that we are learning about database I can see how its database is so important even in games.

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