Virtual Data Warehouse{1}

by Mike Y

            The article goes into suggesting using a virtual data warehouse to manage the data in database management systems. The reason for creating virtual data warehouse is because creating and managing a real physical data warehouse is much more expensive compared to a virtual one. The paper describes uses for a virtual data warehouse in supply chain management companies and consultancy companies. The downside is that it is best suited for solutions to temporary problems.

            It is important to this class because it is a way to keep data which will only increase in size. There has to be a way to organize it without sacrificing performance. The paper describes the virtual data warehouse as less normalized compared to database management systems. It is unfortunate that it is not a permanent solution to a need for a data warehouse as a virtual one is much cheaper.

            The virtual data warehouse could be useful for sites that may run a promotion only for a limited time, or consulting in another country where the data will not be used again. It appears to go well with consulting companies who work with one company and only have a need for a temporary data warehouse which the virtual one seems to be a perfect fit for. It covers the need for a data warehouse while reducing costs.

Jigeesh, N. (2011). Creating a virtual data warehouse for manufacturing industry. IUP Journal of Operations Management, 47-59. Retrieved from