VSPEX: Solution for Midrange IT Providers{2}

by Miguel V
Two years ago Cisco, EMC and VMware teamed up to to create and introduce VBlocks. VBlock is a set of “systems preconfigured, preintegrated and converged computing systems consisting of network-ware and x86-type servers” resulting in cloud computing systems ranging in size from hundreds to 6,00 virtual machines. By 2012 VBlock has become a highly successful product increasing sales to $800 million per year. Unfortunately for EMC not all IT companies need to be running 6,000 virtual machines. With intentions of reaching the mid range IT companies EMC created “VSPEX a set of 14 IT blueprints allowing customers to select computing and networking hardware, software and services based on the distributor line card and sizing of components based on the requirements of a  particular VSPEX solution.” With VSPEX 14 preconfigured environments EMC is giving their customers more choices so that they can determine their own solutions by “providing the sizing guides, reference architecture and deployment guides, and allow them to align with their vendor of choice.”

This article has a couple of topics that relate to what we discussed about in class one that sticks out the most deals with having an Open standard so that IT developers have set rules in order to provide an easy way of integrating their products with others.

Personally I like the fact that EMC has developed a lighter version of their product VBlock because this opens the door for mid range companies options in creating lighter private clouds requiring substantially less resources. This could be a big deal because it can reduce the amount of IT work being out sourced by making it cheaper for companies to host their own cloud systems.

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