vulnerabilities, which one we should prioritize ?

by Tseng H. K.
The journal I read this week is called “Measuring and ranking attacks based on vulnerability analysis” by Ju An and Guo, Minzhe. This journal talks about that since software vulnerabilities increases, and two or more vulnerabilities may have in same software, the journal helps to which vulnerability prioritize first, so the software have better defense. The paper measures, categorize, and provide metrics based on vulnerability analysis so let developers to perform better security on their software.

Since there are many possible vulnerability , I think it is important for us to prioritize which one developers should solve first. This paper gives better understanding which vulnerabilities we should solve first.

I think this journal is relevant to our class because we learned there are many vulnerabilities exist in database, and I have seen many blog posts that have talked about vulnerabilities as well. So since there are many of them, we should prioritize which one we should solve first.

Information Systems and eBusiness Management 10.4 (2012) Measuring and ranking attacks based on vulnerability analysis


One thought on “vulnerabilities, which one we should prioritize ?

  • December 4, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    Having software that can analyze which vulnerabilities should be patched first is an interesting concept. Maybe if this could be applied to the database world, then many of the database attacks could be prevented beforehand.

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