Ways of Creating Quality Data Model{2}

by Jamal A
The article I read talks about how good data modeling can be beneficial for the company because “a
good data model can lead to good application and bad data model can lead to a bad application”.
This article talks about different criteria’s of data modeling which can help us understand and
measure what is good or bad about the data model. It talks about how important it is to capture
all the requirements before creating a data model. According to the article there are 10 categories
or steps that can help creating a good data model. For example, capturing the required information of
a business, finding how complete is the model, and how well does the model follow naming standards;
helps create a better model or application for the business. It also explains that having good definitions
that support the data model diagram eliminate all “the doubts about the contents of data elements
and the relationships between entities”.

This article relates to class because it talks about some of aspects of database that we are learning
in the class. It explains how application’s flexibility and data quality depend mostly on the data model.
I think this article is helpful to understand how data quality is important for the business and necessary
steps are important to take in order to have a data quality.


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