Web Based Database Application Development

by Allen D
Database technology has evolved to a much popular scale in every sector of our economy for the past decade. The technology’s major roles of organizing, storing, and retrieving data have been the forefront of information management.  As society shifted towards Web 2.0, the rapid development of the internet has taken over the once popular functions of the database management system. Why? The Web allows users to easily share and access information through its hypertext interface. For this reason, network maintenance of traditional database has been stripped of its utility. Thus, developers today focus on building web-based DBMS applications. The journal, “Supporting Web-Based Database Application Development”, by Quan Xia, Ling Feng, and Hongjun Lu, talks about a application used about a decade ago called jdWeb.

JdWeb is a Java application package that helps to support Web-based database application development through scalability of the database server be being both a server and middle-ware component. As a server component, jdWeb is a database/web proxy server. As a middle-ware support, it provides driver controls, encryption and security and data caching services. In order for jdWeb to interact with the database, a software component called a JDBC driver is included in the package. This allows the both client users of the server to utilize Java applets and applications to better manipulate their data and developers to create the programs.

I found this journal relating to our lesson of the week: Database Application Development. The professors at the Universities in Asia demonstrate a practical example of how Java is utilized in a two-tier system.  Although jdWeb is obsolete compared to SQL Server, Oracle and DB2, we can use that snapshot and analyze the change in database technology since the late 1990s.



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    Good read. Web based database have many advantages, but there are also down side for it. I heard web based database have relatively weaker security than regular databases. After I read your post, I also read an article related to web based database security, the article says that most of web base vulnerabilities have its solution for it .

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