Web Security{7}

I read an article this week by Sarah Perez called, “ArmorHub’s Web Security Service Scans For Vulernabilities and Malware, Works Great For Startups As Well As Your Dad.” The article talks about ArmorHub launched a web security service November 15th, mainly for small to mid size businesses and most importantly what she calls the “layperson” which she says is somebody who knows security is important but doesn’t know how to protect or monitor their site. The company was started by the founder of eTacts which sold to salesforce.com and Kendall Dabaghi and their inspiration came from their years of building applications but always wondering in the back of their mind if they have security issues. They decided that they wanted to create a service that everyone can use to check their website for security issues that could be cause by malware, SQL injections and cross-site scripting. Their service is free to use and uses the proactive instead of reactive approach in that they can scan your site and databases as well and tell you if there are an security vulnerabilities in them. If there are you can then fix them yourself if you know how or they can fix them for you at a fee determined between you and the company.

I believe that this article is relevant to what we are learning in class indirectly in that it talks about the importance of website and database security but also showcases a new service that was launched on the fifteenth of this month. I think that it is a very good idea that they would create such a service because many small companies do not have the type of capital needed to hire somebody who can test their system on a regular business. With this service they can scan their businesses sites and databases free of charge and then find out how to repair their vulnerabilities or have them repaired by the company. As I have said before and all of our teachers will tell us security is very important and every measure possible should be taken to secure our databases.

Perez, S. (2012, November 15). ArmorHub’s Web Security Service Scans For Vulernabilities and Malware, Works Great For Startups As Well As Your Dad. Retrieved from techcrunch: http://techcrunch.com/2012/11/15/armorhubs-web-security-service-scans-for-vulnerabilities-malware-works-for-great-for-startups-as-well-as-your-dad/