What Are BDAs?{3}

The article I chose is “The Rise of Big Data Apps and the Fall of SaaS” by Raj de Datta. The article talks about how “BDAs” are up and coming whereas SaaS is slowly falling. “BDA” stands for Big Data Application, they are web based applications that pull data not only from the enterprise level but from the web level as well as to provide more data for the company. According to Raj they use the best of the cloud and they are web-hosted, multi-tenant, use Hadoop, noSQL and a range of recommendation and machine learning technologies. This is useful to companies because they organize lots of data into a useful graphical user interface that will allow them to view current world wide information, allowing them to compare themselves to other companies. SaaS on the other hand delivers this information differently and does not allow for key changes to the core applications.

This article is relevant to our first week of class because we were talking about how data is stored and how organized data can help a company. The fact that Big Data Applications allow companies to view global data is a game changer because instead of only being at the enterprise level they will be able to see were their company is at globally. In the long run this will greatly help big corporations because they will not have to use separate databases containing information that they need to copmare themselves they will be able to do look at everything in one application.

I liked this article because it explained Big Data Applications as well as SaaS and gave some background information on both of them. Beyond that the author talked about a few specific companies that are currently using BDAs and how they are affecting the particular companies. This helps you understand what the Big Data Applications can do because it is a real world example. I learned about BDAs and how they can benefit companies over SaaS.

Datta, R. (2012,  May 4). The Rise of Big Data Apps And The Fall of SaaS. Retrived from techcrunch: