What you “Need” to know about “The Cloud”{1}

by Caezar M

When you think about “The Cloud” you probobly see an omni system that is everywhere and nowhere at once. You probobly think that once in “The Cloud” your data aimlessly bounces arround the world waiting to be accessed, by anyone, and not just yourself. It is an interesting fact that only part of this is true.  The term “Cloud” is an over simplification for the idea of the infinite complexity of the internet, “The Cloud” = The Internet. The idea that “The Cloud” is a dispertion of computing resources is true and false at the same time. Large data centers and server farms make up “The Cloud,” data centers have physical and geographical locations but their locations are irrelevant to us as long as the services rendered are accessable anywhere the user is. what we probobly do not put too much thought into is the value of the information we put into these data centers and how it relates to our privacy. Since data centers are “somewhere” this emans they are subject to someone’s laws and regulation. what this means for the user is that any intellectual property can be subject to a subopena and disclosed without your knowledge. Cloud service providers work hard to protect your privacy but it is far from secured. Without worldwide laws governing data centers the use of “The Cloud” will not reach its full potential.


this being the first post, this article relates because it is about Databases, vast databases that are spread all over the globe. I think this is a good article for a good many reasons mainly because it addresses what the cloud really is. I was one of the many who suffered from dis-information on the subject of what the cloud is or what it did or the services it even offered. The cloud is really a great tool that has been offered to the world. It will be especially great to research insitutions who lack the infrastructure to analyze their data themselves. Companies have made use of these data centers to offer email services and sort through mass ammounts of data relatd to their users and now organizations can have access to the same resources without the cost associated with the infrastructure.

There are many companies already offering cloud services to users in the form of file storage and hosted applications. Over time the use of “The Cloud” will likely expand and will cover the needs of researchers in the field. However in the current climate it seems as though the role in cloud computing will be stifled untill some uniform laws can allow ample access to data anywhere and everywhere without sacrificing privacy. there are many uses for The Cloud and I hope that we are able to use it to its fullest potential.


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