When should you use Microsoft SQL Server over Microsoft Access

by Toan T
The article talks about the benefits on when one should choose to use Microsoft SQL Server over Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access is one of the few tools that many businesses use for their database needs. Its intuitive GUI and unique features have made it very easy for people to setup any database and have it running with very little time and efforts. Unfortunately, many large corporations tend to steer away from using Microsoft Access because Access does not have any high level security featureĀ  which makes it very unreliable and hazardous when it come with dealing with sensitive data such as social security numbers, home addresses, etc. This is when SQL server is more preferred because it does exactly what Access can do whist providing many more useful features such as automatic incremental backups, secure data using Windows Active Directory Security System, databases cannot be easily duplicated and so forth. In addition, SQL Server can handle terrabytes worth of data where Access can only handle around 1 gigabyte. Even with the numerous limitations that Access has, it can still be used together with SQL Server One can simply using Access to build a user friendly front end for the database while having all the data be securely stored within SQL Server.

I have worked with Microsoft Access before and is familiar with its features and what it can do but I would still consider myself a newbie when it comes to database. My goal for this class is to learn how to code and design database using SQL as well as learning more about database in general.

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2 thoughts on “When should you use Microsoft SQL Server over Microsoft Access”

  1. Hello Toan, I enjoyed reading your article. I had always thought it was just the versatility and customization of SQL but never really looked more into the security aspect. I have only used MS Access a few times for a project in CIS310 class. It seems to me that MS Access is just easier for non-technical people to use. More of a WYSIWYG type of application. As for SQL, I do not yet understand enough to comment.

  2. Yo Toan, I actually didn’t know why people used SQL servers instead of Access until now. I guess what your saying about SQL security and it’s capability of handling more data makes a lot of sense. Before, I would always see people using Access in small companies and I will be like, why do I need to learn SQL then? But you made it clear now. That was really helpful! Good job!

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