When Will NoSQL be the Giant in the Database World?{4}

In the article I read about, there seemed to be a generally negative feeling about Oracle. Oracle has been around for years now and is used by many businesses for their database management. The article spoke about how time consuming and expensive Oracle is for most companies. It was described as “software for the upper one percent”.  When implementing an Oracle system, you have to pay for several fees and line items that seem useless. Not only is it expensive but has fundamental flaws for such a mature product. This was explained in a separate article. So the Oracle DBMS is a widely used product while still having some problems and while being very very expensive. NoSQL has been a competing software that was developed in 2009. This system is cheaper and has several benefits. But this article was talking about how even though there is a better alternative to Oracle, NoSQL will not be replacing it very quickly.

We have been talking in class about how databases should be designed and the fundamentals of that. A significant part of designing the database is using the correct tools for the company and budgeting the IS department correctly. Businesses will have a hard time running their databases efficiently if they technology they use is incorrect.

I felt this article to be particularly one sided. Obviously the author is not a fan of Oracle. It does seem silly to use such expensive resources when cheaper ones are available. Oracle began in the late 1970’s and has been developing for quite some time now. Unfortunately  NoSQL just needs more work for more people to take advantage of it.


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