Where to Watch Online Movies{4}

by Jintien C
YouTube offers movie rentals in the U.K. now. It tries to put on different variety of movies to its users. According to Matteo Vallone, YouTube business product manager wrote, “we’ve got some cracking films to keep everyone entertained through the upcoming winter months and beyond.” YouTube movie rentals price is from $0.99 to $3.99, but some of them are free of charge. When you make the purchase, you have 48-hour period to access that movie. YouTube also has a feature that helps you find movie that you may be interested in.

I think YouTube movie rental is pretty good idea. It puts all the movie contents in its databases. When users or customers make requests, these movies get played. On the business side, YouTube will help its company to generate more revenue besides from web advertisement. Although its price is around $3.99 per rental, Netflix has $7.99 a month deal that you can watch as many as movies you want. I think it all depends on individual ones. If you only want to watch one specific movie and don’t want to spend more than $4 this month, you should go with YouTube movie rentals.

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