Which Hospital Should I Go?{Comments Off on Which Hospital Should I Go?}

by Joey L
Federal officials have launched an online database, which let consumers compare hospitals to one another, this year during October.  This database is design to compare and rate hospitals in the US by national standards of patient safety.  The ratings are calculated among a variety of issues, from surgical complications to how well patients are treated.   The Medicare database provides valuable information for consumers but most of the data is misleading.  From the database, results have shown that many of the large hospitals across US have lower ratings than small and private hospitals.   Most likely this is due to poorer and sicker patients residing in large hospitals. These patients are more prone to hospital-acquired infections, surgical complications, and many other problems.  Smaller hospitals tend to rank higher because those hospitals operate less with patients that have complex health problems.  Most of the time, these patients are referred and transferred to larger hospitals, which encompass advanced surgical equipment that may help patients.  Starting next October, hospitals with a low rating from the database will lose as much as two percent of their Medical funding.

I find the database to be useful but one should not base a vital decision just from the database.  The database system favors smaller, wealthier hospitals because those have higher results of patient safety measures.   Their results are above the national average because patients with serious cases are usually transferred to bigger facilities.  The Medicare Database will hurt many of the hospitals with above average rates of patients with surgical complication and post-operation complications.  Since these hospitals are ranked bottom from the database, they will get a cut from their Medicare funding.

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