Why do We Need Normalization.{4}

The article I read was about why we need database normalization, an important part of database design that helps reduce redundancy and dependency. It greatly helps dividing large table into smaller ones for less redundancy and better defining the relationship between the data. In other words, it isolates data so that additions, deletions, and modifications of a field can be made in just one table and then propagated through the rest of the database via the defined relationships.

In the article “Why You Need Database Normalization”, author, Michelle A. Poolet explained the importance of having database normalization in a very specific way. She talked about how would data normalization makes data and information more meaningful and useful. For example, a data item (10/23/2012) can mean nothing to us but if we associate it with other data items, such as deadline of the project, we make it more useful and meaningful.

Moreover, she also talked about how to apply normalization in businesses. She stated the need to conduct research at your company before we can begin to normalize a database. The need to perform a requirements analysis that will identify policies and procedures and list the business rules for them.

She also explained the relationships between data and how they pertain to the data we are working with, primary and foreign key, and how to progress from 1NF to 3NF. Which is what we mainly learned during the week.

I picked this article not because it is closely related to what we are lectured in the class but it will also definitely help all of us to strengthen what we learned about normalization. Therefore, I’d love to share this article with you all. However, this post is only a summary of the article, I strongly recommend everyone to take a look at the original article. It will also help you finishing the assignment and upcoming test.

Source: Michelle A. Poolet (Jun 25, 2009) “Why do We Need Database Normalization”

Retrieve From: http://www.sqlmag.com/article/performance/sql-by-design-why-you-need-database-normalization