Why NoSQL matters.{Comments Off on Why NoSQL matters.}

by David G

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL vendor in the market. 10gen which, is the MongoDB sponsor has seen the NoSQL space take off and many big companies are using it. Internet companies like Craigslist and Shutterfly are using it including Corporations like SAP, Telefonica, and LexisNexis. Even companies like Oracle are getting into the NoSQL movement by releasing their own NoSQL solution. NoSQL isn’t seen as a replacement for companies but rather as a complement and as a new tier of database technology. Most Fortune 500 companies carry some sort of OLTP(Online Transaction Processing). So the article relates that most companies have a data warehouse and business reporting and intelligent database. Since they have those two types of buckets or databases they are simply adding NoSQL as a third type of database. Companies can now really on three different type of database systems instead of one or two. Unfortunately to use MongoDB you have to write new code so for people looking to migrate to MongoDb would have to rewrite their code. However, there are tools that help migration since it isn’t easy to switch over.

I think that MongoDB is another one of the four popular NoSQL databases that is different from the original SQL mentality. It features a new way of creating databases, typically horizontally scaled and as a structured storage. It seems that since most Fortune 500 companies and other businesses are either adding it to their systems or migrating it might be a new step into the way we create our databases or at least an additional way. The only downside to this is the migration or start up of MongoDB. Since it requires lots of coding to start up and is time consuming, it might deter companies from adding it or moving over.

I feel MongoDB is only a positive outcome because it has a new take on databases. Its database can cater to solve a problem more closely to a company’s situation. If a big dog such as Oracle is taking light on this, then it means NoSQL is here to stay and no matter what the outcome it is a benefit and a great addition. I always see new systems and applications in the computer technology field whether they are accepted or not as way to make people simplify their life or add some benefit regardless if it is one person or one company. NoSQL will play an important role in the future of computer database technology.


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