Why You Should Use Node.js{4}

by Hieu H
Node.js is becoming one of the most popular frameworks. The main reason for this is that it takes a language that almost everyone already knows, Javascript, and let’s them use it for server-side scripting. Node focuses on being an event-driven language and emphasis is placed on low-latency and scalability.  Unlike other languages such as PHP and Ruby, Node is multi-threaded and can run many simultaneous threads at once, increasing both speed and throughput. This is important because the most time-intensive part of a web application is when the application talks to the database. Instead of doing nothing while waiting for the database response, Node can use its multi-threaded technology to do many other things.

This article provides some great input into why Node.js is becoming so vastly popular. The future of web applications requires that apps be very powerful, be able to support millions of users, and do it all in real time. Those are some of Node.js’ strengths so it may just fit the bill. Big companies such as Twitter has realized Node.js’ power and has switched portions of its infrastructure from Ruby on Rails to Node.js. Likely, other companies will follow suit as the framework matures.

I’ve been a Ruby on Rails supporter for a few years now and have recently discovered Node.js.  I’m still fairly new and have built a few “Hello World” type apps and I must say that the fact that it uses Javascript makes the learning curve a whole lot shorter. I like the fact that it takes an existing “language” that we use for client-side scripting and allow us to use it on the server side as well. I know a few Javascript ninjas that don’t know a whole lot of server-side programming. Now, they can do both.

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