Why You Want To Be Good At Data Modeling{1}

by Toan T

A good database is something every organization must have when managing large sets of data. However, building a good database is now no longer consider to be a main priority because time and cost during the development life cycle have become the major factors for a lot of companies such that database design of today no longer focus on the performance aspect but to rather have something that just “work”. This article addresses some of the flaws that exist and are often overlooked as well as focusing on the core problem that relates to poor performing databases. Building a good database is not something that can be simply created through coding but it something takes huge amount of time and effort as well as knowledge to lay down the proper foundation for the design. There was a myth that that many developers often discuss about was that database’s performance is derived from the code that it is written from. This is somewhat untrue to because there are other things that are performance related. Good code does have an impact in performance but the core issue that is most important is the physical design of the database. No matter how well the codes were written or how fast the hardware it is running on, performance constraints will always exist when the overall physical design is poorly implemented. Developers should thoroughly monitor the database’s performance and focus more on the logical aspects of designing because there must be something wrong when it takes 40 minutes to generate a report.

This article is somewhat interesting because it was written by an actual DBA and it does go in-depth in explaining some of the things that administrators deal with they work with databases old and new. In addition, it also gives out some important advices to new people that are into databases like myself on what I should focus on and what to avoid when designing a database.