Will Big Data Change IT Forever?

by Hassib K
The article I read recently, written by Loraine Lawson where she talks about the recent hype surrounding Big Data and the starting trend. Many companies and organizations are considering using Big Data services for their systems but many don’t know where to start or the true capabilities and limitations of such a system.  This is the issue that Lawson brings to rise.  She wants to make sure that all organizations are fully aware of the capabilities of such a system and make sure that they are truly getting into something they should be dabbling with.  Alot of major players are really pushing the Big Data with products designed specifically for it.  IBM is one particular company that wishes to make a decent profit from this new trend in technology.  Infrastructure Associates analyst Wayne Kernochan has 20 years of experience and he says, “Big Data is being oversold and as a result, he contends few people understand its limitations” (Lawson, 2012).  She concludes that for most of Big Data is still developing and evolving so the best thing to do is to wait a little longer. We should wait to see what the trend brings us and then use better valued systems which will be available later in the future.


I think the push towards Big Data is great.  If an organization can benefit from it then I think it;s a great idea that should definitely be pursued.  Cost benefit analysis is always important.


Lawson, L. (2012, February 26). [Web log message]. Retrieved from Big Data is being oversold and as a result, he contends few people understand its limitations

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  1. I think big data will very well change the way we handle data from now on because data is exponentially growing every data. We are generating quintillion of data ever day.

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