Will Google TV 2.0 Be Any Good?{Comments Off on Will Google TV 2.0 Be Any Good?}

by Asbed P
Last year, Google announced Google TV which in theory was supposed to stream videos from the net, allow you to view photos, and listen to your music collection.  They have however been greatly outshone by Apple’s product, Apple TV, which is already expanding and can be found in many homes already.  Now that Google has got its act together and added some extra features to GTV, they have a chance to gain a customer base before its too late.  The biggest new feature GTV users will notice is the addition of Google Apps.  This means Netflix, Pandora, Skype and many other apps available on the Android platform will be available on Google TV.  They have also added Android Honeycomb so the TV will actually have the operating system Google designed for it’s tablets, meaning your TV will be more like a computer than it was before and who wouldn’t like that.  One final thing Google has added is the better search engine for shows and movies.  The new search will actually show you what time the next airing of the specific TV show or movie will be, but will also show the users what other services the program can be found on for instant viewing.

Google has made many advances and added many new features to its Google TV product since its reveal last year.  I think its great that it can now use many different apps and apparently will be able to use any android app eventually.  This is great because people will probably be able to play games and do many other things on their TV in addition to using Netflix and Pandora and YouTube.  Also the fact that YouTube and their program search have been optimized specifically for Google TV was a great idea.  This way people can get to what they want to watch faster than ever.  The one main disappointment in my opinion is the fact that it will run the Android Honeycomb OS instead of the Ice Cream Sandwich variant.  Although I can see how it’s more appropriate for TV’s, I don’t understand why they wont just work on a specialized version of Ice Cream Sandwich for it instead.

Overall though, Google TV 2.0 sounds like a major improvement to me.  It has many great new features it didn’t have before and will make watching TV more enjoyable with all the new apps and whatnot.  Unfortunately, I think it may already be too late as all the people interested in this technology are already committed to Apple TV instead.

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