WordPress gets hit again!?{1}

by Chris S

WordPress is a free blogging tool that mostly open-source. It was hit twice earlier this year by low level hacking methods that retrieved some underlying code from the platform. Many companies use WordPress on their websites, such as yahoo, NASA, and the New York Times. So this minor breach in the security could have some big consequences with these big time customers.  WordPress’ maker, Automattic, was hit the month before in March of 2011 and then again in April, 2011. This isn’t surprising since Automattic is a big time company and many tend to be targeted. Companies such as Automattic have to go to big lengths to ensure that their databases are secure and hack-proof. An incident like this can cause major problems, since anything that was revealed could be stolen and used by the attackers. Information such as user names, passwords, and even credit card numbers can be exposed. The best methods to take are to keep updating passwords and to create one that is not so easy to crack. Automattic took the time re-secure its data and with a hit like this, it shows them where their weaknesses were and gives them the opportunity to fix them.

I know network and database security is huge. Everything that goes on a database is considered private and sensitive information. Companies spend a lot of time and resources making sure that this information is secure, since customers instill trust in them that their personal information is secure. Attacks on companies will always happen, it is up to the teams that provide the necessary measures of security to prevent anyone from sneaking pass the lines of security. I hope to learn more about how databases can be properly secured and protected because I know that internet/network security is a skill that will always be needed and sought after by companies.

Source: Ted Samson, Infoworld April 13, 2011