Xeround Sound: Stable Funding for Cloud Database Service{1}

by Brian T
Among the multitude of organizations that have emerged in this newly created era of cloud computing, there is Xeround. Xeround is a database service that bases all of it’s in actions in the cloud.  As if the concept isn’t attractive enough, Xeround recently upped it’s start-up funds to 30 million dollars through Series C Benchmark funding allowing ample room for additional marketing and development.

Although cloud computing is slowly becoming a common base for new companies, there are some like Xeround which are already attempting to push freshly explored boundaries. They claim that it’s cloud location allows users to scale their database on demand and maintain connections despite potential failures. Specifically, they list auto-scaling, elastic-usage, high availability and multi-tenancy as new features for the new system. Essentially it means that they are trying to render a semi-self-sustaining database service that can handle pretty much anything the customer needs it to.

I must admit hesitation – money of this magnitude typically leads to trouble and nasty political scandals. That being said, if it is applied correctly, Xeround could be well on it’s way to having the notoriety and reputation that Microsoft usually holds in this field. Pushing new limitations and quickly trying to offer the public a new form of service does not seem like an act of desperation in this case, but rather like an act of a business that is attempting to take the reins of technology that lead into the future.

One step closer to a hoverboard – huzzah!



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