Zoomix in your SQL software.{1}

by Kevin Q
My article was about Microsoft acquiring Zoomix, which was a small company based out of Jerusalem. Zoomix is known for there accelerator data-quality technology. Microsoft plans to use the data-quality technology within its future releases of SQL Server Database Software. According to Zoomix’s website, “Accelerator software combines semantic and linguistic analysis with machine learning to classify, match and standardize complex corporate data.”(Montabalno) The Zoomix team will join Microsoft at the Isreali headquarters to help integrate their technology. This software technology will help ensure that, while data mining through multiple system , you will be returned with the most accurate data. Vendors have recently startede to integrate data-quality cpapbility in their database softwares, and microsoft recognizes its importance as well. Microsoft plans to add this feature in order to keep up with competing software products, as well as bring a nice feature to an already widely used software.

I like reading stories about smaller companies or groups of people that create something that can cause a buzz in an industry. Eventually thosde people will either get picked up by a larger company and give full-time jobs. This article is from 2008, so I’m assuming it was implemented into the currentversion of SQL server that we are using now since that was released in 2009(R2 version).

Source: Montalbano, Elizabeth. (2008, July 14) Micorsoft buys Zoomix to add data quality to SQL Server. Retrieved from: http://www.infoworld.com/d/mobilize/microsoft-buys-zoomix-add-data-quality-sql-server-060