A New Approach to Teaching Database{6}

by Andrew M
The article I chose to blog about was written by Ren Juxiang and Nan Zhihong and was titled “Taking Database Design as Trunk Line of Database Courses.” This article is talking about teaching styles in regards to database classes. The authors bring up the point that most database classes focus on teaching theory and that this makes it harder for students to grasp. While the authors do admit that some teachers also use other methods they are not as effective because they are not relevant to students. The proposed solution to this is for teachers to focus more on teaching case studies which are more relevant to students. The teachers should then involve theory into these case studies. Next, the teacher should show the students how to manage and eventually design applications which run with the database itself. The authors call this method the “Constructing Data Model” and feel that this would help students to learn database better and easier.

I feel this article relates directly to the topics we have been learning in class. We have been learning theory about databases in class and the different schema and models that apply. While this article does actually talk much about the models it does in fact talk about the teaching styles being used to get these models into student’s heads.

I personally liked this article a lot and found it very interesting. I personally agree with the author’s point of view. I feel I would learn a lot better if database classes were taught on a case study basis. The only thing I did not particularly like about the article was that it was not especially well written. The content was good but I feel that the authors were not native English speakers. This made the article almost feel unprofessional because it was not well written in English.


Source: Juxiang, Ren., Zhihong, Nan. (2012, September 28).  “Taking Database Design as Trunk Line of Database Courses,”Computational and Information Sciences (ICCIS), 2012 Fourth International Conference on. Pp. 767-769, 17-19 August. 2012.