A Quick Look At MySQL 5.6{1}

by Chris S
This article is a preview about the new upcoming MySQL from Oracle. Of course it will have various new features with it as well as experimental or test features that may or may not be included in the final version depending on the feedback from testers and database administrators. It was mentioned that two of the improvements are data replication and the ability to bypass the framework in SQL for faster access to data. The most notable feature will be an application programming interface (API) that will allow applications to access data directly from the InnoDB database engine. This basically skips the process of having to go through the SQL-based interface. This API is believed to improve MySQL such that it will be on par as far as accessibility with NoSQL databases which are quickly gaining favor with web applications. A new set of ADD operations is said to be an additional experiment with the software. It will allow applications to input data to the database without blocking other operations while they try to write their own information to the index of the database.

Going off the last part of this article, Oracle mentioned that the ADD feature might benefit the operations of the evolving web services. I was curious as to what other features were going to be added but I haven’t had any luck in finding anything. Having web services (no matter which ones) run more smoothly would definitely be beneficial to whoever uses them. So hopefully this can work itself out and create a new standard.¬†Also, there was no mention in the article as to when the new version would be available.

This article about the next version of MySQL relational database management system relates to our database class for the sheer fact that we will be using MySQL in the near future. This was about some of the features that even we might have a chance to see. Not to mention that if anyone were to go into a career as a database manager you would need to be up to date with the new software.

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