Amazon Web services for SQL Server 2008{1}

As with any business, they create new products to entice new customers.
Amazon’ is now targeting windows users and programmers. They have
created a new service for SQL Server 2008 called Amazon Relational
Database Service (RDS). This means companies which use SQL Server
can put their data in Amazon’s cloud. Supported versions are Express,
Web, Standard, and Enterprise editions with SQL Server 2012 on the
horizon. Their offerings entail deployment, capacity provisioning, load
balance and managing applications.

The last couple of weeks our class has been focusing on SQL and SQL
Server 2008. As IT professionals, we need to constantly being aware
of new technologies that could potentially give the companies we
work for a competitive advantage.

I personally find the Cloud a bit of a black hole, so I most likely would
not recommend such a service to a company especially if data is of
a sensitive nature.

Barton, M. (May 9, 2012). Amazon Again Targets Windows Developers.