Amazon Web Services Leading With DynamoDB

by Edwin T
Amazon web services has delivered a new technology know as DynamoDB that is a fully managed NoSQL database service.  Current database layers have trouble keeping up with the demand of modern applications. As more requests come in, the database slows down and reduces overall performance.  Increasing the amount of hardware to try and scale current databases is very expensive and requires the expertise of engineers to make it work.  This approach can only be done for so long.  Eventually all the hardware and physical storage devices will become a burden when it’s time to update or patch anything.  DynamoDB is not software, it is a service that takes care of this problem.  The administrator can simply dial in or increase the amount of requests the database needs to handle per second; the service will distribute the data through the necessary hardware to avoid down time.  The requests are very fast because the data is stored in solid state drives.  In addition, DynamoDB is very reliable and secure, it automatically replicates data in whats known as Amazon availability zones in case of hardware failure.  “Amazon DynamoDB is already in use by many teams and products within Amazon, including the advertising platform, Amazon cloud Drive, IMDb and Kindle.”


In class we discuss relational databases and as i read into the differences between MySQL and NOSQL, i can say that it depends on the needs of the business.   It makes sense that Amazon and Google, implement NOSQL databases to store large amounts of data over many different servers, as opposed to a small business simply storing the info of a small number of customers.

This article left me wondering just how much money Amazon invested into DynamoDB.  Amazon understands that Cloud computing is the future of large database and maybe that;s one of the reasons why they keep pushing the cloud frontier.  As the earlier quote states, some organizations already use DynamoDB and it wont be long before others implement it as well.


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  1. Database needs to be fast and reliable when it comes to handling large amount of requests at one time. It is good that it is on a solid state drive to improve performance. I think it is a good thing that this new service wants to prevent down time because most of the time people don’t like waiting now. There was also this one time where Blizzard Entertainment were selling Blizzcon ticket and their server crashed. It was frustrating on both end the consumer and the company itself. So being able to handle large number of request would be nice for databases like Google and Microsoft.

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