Amazon’s DynamoDB{3}

by Nicholas T
The article I read talked about the release of Amazon’s DynamoDB. It is a essentially a cloud based service but takes simple storage a step further and has added database capabilities such as the ability to create tables and queries. As with Amazon’s other cloud services, DynamoDB is pay as you go. In that you only pay for what you need storage wise. It is free to try and you get 100MB of initial storage but once you surpass that point, it is $1 per gigabyte per month as well as charges for data transfers from the database.

Amazon has many web services available for personal and business usages. Included in these are Amazon EC2, their primary cloud service, Amazon S3, a secondary less advanced cloud service, and Amazon RDS, a relational database in the cloud. All three of these services are great to use if you are trained in technology, however DynamoDB is geared more towards the less technology inclined users. It is non-SQL based and makes creating tables and retrieving data quite simple.

This service looks great but seems as though it is being tailored towards a certain market, those who are are looking to store information on the cloud as well as having usable information stored in a database.  I feel as though this market may be quite small considering the consumer would need to have enough information to want to move from a file system to a database but also may not need to access it too frequently.  The larger the database, the more one would have to pay for storage as well as for the data transfers from the cloud.  It may be a good idea for some but a expensive idea for others.

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