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by Ana C
Hi recently read an article which talked about what data warehouse was and how it relates to everyday business. While Data warehousing can be extremly benefitual when it comes to the organization of a sucessful business, it can also be harmful if intentionally missed used as it was in the article i read. The CIA alledgedly intentionally purchased data warehouse software knowing that it was faulty. The software was meant to be used to “drone missle attacks on suspected terrorists”( by puechasing this faulty sofware, it could cause a missles to be missdirected as far as 39-feet. The company where the faulty data software was purchased from is by a company named Netezza which is a data warehousing company that works directly with IBM. IBM has recently made a bid to by out the company but the results are undering processing. Apparently last year Netezza recieved a $1.18 million dollor purchase order made by the CIA. CIA wanted the data warehouse appliances to be used in drones during missle launching. When this specific software is combined with IISi’s “Geospatial” sofware it can apprarently be used to track complete movement of people, vehicles, cell phones, etc. The most recent IISi’s software that the CIA was currently using wasn’t compatible with the new puchased Netezza software, IISi’s informed the CIA that the software wouldn’t be able to be ran the way it was scheduled to according to the new software not matching. With this information, the CIA chose to continue the purchase of the Netezza software knowing exactly how un-compatible the two were, instead the CIA chose to have Netezza create a phoney copied version of the IISi’s soft ware which would be made to fit the new purchased software perfectly. The bad thing with this was that it wasn’t created correctly so the inperfections out  ran the perfections causing this soft ware to ultimately we a hazardoues divice if used the way the CIA had planned on it to be used. If used with the other uncompatible software, this could go as far as harming and even killing people if the target is directed the wrong direction. A law suit is currently under way and actually both companys are counter suing each other stating that neither one of them were aware that the data warehousing software was faulty nor dangerous if used incorrectly.

The reason that I chose to righ about this article is because this is the perfect example of how such a benefitual product such as data warehousing software and it’s fundamentals can be such a benefit for the success of an up coming business, yet if its used in-properly, it could be deadly. I’ve always wanted to work for the CIA as a child, I have always been so fasinated with the way it was ran as well as how secretive they were about everything. Yet, knowing that the CIA knew exactly what it was doing and how dangerous it could possibly be just angers me. As Americans we put so much of out trust and pride into the hands of other people, expecting great things in return. Yet, maybe too much trust can lead to this, distrust. Over-all i found both the article as well as the section of data warehousing fundamentals to be extremly interesting and feel that if its used properly in the way in which it was creates, the data warehousing software can be a great asset to any business.