Ch. 6.2 Data Warehouse Fundamentals{Comments Off on Ch. 6.2 Data Warehouse Fundamentals}

by Michael B
The article I chose is on the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in 2010. In the article the rankings of the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the United State were given according to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Neighborhood Scout is the company that uses data and information from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to name the most dangerous neighborhoods. Basically the data is used to predict rates of violent crime in neighborhoods all over the country. The statistics and data used to predict the crime rates are based on information from local law enforcement agencies from all parts of the country that has been gathered by the FBI. The FBI stores information in to its own data warehouse. Through Neighborhood Scout information on all neighborhoods in the country can be found. Information gathered from multiple data bases is what allows Neighborhood Scout to calculate their statistics.

I picked this article because I thought that it was a good example of data warehousing being used by an organization such as the FBI. It also shows how data mining can be used by a company like Neighborhood Scout to produce information such as the most dangerous neighborhoods.

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