Iphone apps help track crimes{Comments Off on Iphone apps help track crimes}

by Jorge R
The article dealt with iPhone applications and how often they are used in everyday life. The main applications the article was referring to were those intended to prevent crimes. The application Offender Locator locates sex offenders within a ten mile radius. This is an important application for parents because it lets them know whether there child is in potential danger. It allows parents to really think about where their children are going spend time. Another application that helps fight crime is the Date Check application. It allows people who are on a date to type in their date’s name and their record comes up. This could avoid dating a convicted rapist or sex offender. It allows a person on a date to feel safe with the person they are with. There is also an application that spots places in a city where there is a lot of crime. This could prevent people, especially travelers, from going into a bad neighborhood and being robbed.

There is also a downside to all these applications. Some of the information that is being updated on the applications could be incorrect or misleading. For instance, a sex offender might later be expunged from the crime and the application may not have up to date information. Everyone using the Offender Locator application will see that he is a sex offender when he is really not. Though these types of applications are supposed to help people against crime, similar applications do the opposite. There is an application being developed that will help drivers dodge tickets. It will show DUI checkpoints, speed traps, and red light cameras. This could be very dangerous to the well being of the citizens. There could be a person drunk, using his iPhone to prevent a DUI check.

This relates to the chapter in the importance of the value of quality information. Some of the information on the applications could be misleading and cause hardships for those who are being accused. The quality of the information is what makes the applications so useful. If this information was inaccurate, the application would be useless.

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