Cloud Computing and Businesses

by Sam T

This article presents five points for businesses to invest in cloud computing. The first point is the lower cost of ownership. Instead of maintaining an onsite server, the businesses’ data will be stored somewhere else. Other reasons are the dependability of the companies providing cloud computing services, scalability to meet the increasing demand of data from employees and customers, and mobility of the data. By having the “company’s data streaming from the cloud”, the company’s workforce can work anywhere from their house to their office. The last reason is how cloud computing providers will upgrade their technology any chance they get for fear of losing the company’s business to another cloud computing providers. This means the speed businesses will be able to access their data will usually be second to none.

This articles relates to one of the learning objectives of using databases to maintain and manage data. Instead of keeping a server on-site, all the company’s data can be held off-site. This will help the company’s resources be utilized more efficiently instead of having employees maintain the company’s server hardware. This will also lower the company’s costs because the company wouldn’t need to constantly upgrade/update the server hardware and will cut down on the company’s electricity costs.

After reading the article, I definitely see the the possible benefits of cloud computing as it helps the company utilize it’s resources and employees more efficiently but it makes me worry how secure cloud computing is. The article mentions trained personnel ready to respond to any emergencies but the fact that many companies’ data will be in one location, it might be a possible target for computer hackers. Another reason that worries me is what would happen if the business lost it’s internet connectivity. If the business does have trouble getting it’s internet connection back, would it not mean that the business would not be able to access their data? This would only slow the company down and lose it’s business.

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  1. I thought this article was interesting because it related to the article I read about cloud computing. This article just elaborated on cloud computer as a whole along with the advantages and benefits of it. Cloud computing is a growing trend in today’s businesses and I can see from your article and the article that I used that cloud computing is being considered by many companies as an alternative for database management.

  2. This article is interesting because it talks about cloud computing and it relates to the article that I wrote about Private clouds. I agree with your concern of having the company’s information hosted in another company’s server is something that makes me think about cloud computing. I think that private cloud would be more efficient as in like going with public clouding having the information hosted outside the company itself.

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