DBA, a great position for a CIS major{4}

The main purpose of a DBA is to perform maintenance and optimization tasks on a daily basis. However, according to Craig Mullins, DBA’s often become much more than that. Because the DBA is often relied upon by both IT and business associates, the realm of what is asked and/or expected constantly grows. A DBA should expect this, and accept it as it makes him/her more valuable to a company while also extending their own personal abilities. Opportunities to grow may include (in addition to the standard DBA duties):  experience with new technologies, a better understanding of the meaning of data, actively participating in application development, or perhaps just a better understanding of business.

I chose this article because (although we may not get to it) we are going to learn about database administration. While there are several things to the job which I am sure aren’t easy, I feel it’s important to also recognize your personal role in a company. Keeping an open mind is always important and the offering of ones own skills and experience will always look good.

I enjoyed this article since I can see now that a DBA position would be a perfect fit for a CIS major like myself. We are learning about the use of technology in businesses and are basically becoming the glue which can hold the two together. After reading this article, I can see that this is exactly what a DBA position can become.

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