ER Modeling based microprocessing

by Sam T
This journal talks about test coverage evaluation of modern microprocessor testing. It mentions how test coverage evaluation “is one of the most critical issues in microprocessor software-based testing.” Software based testing has many faults such as stuck-at and delays faults. The journal presents a microprocessor technique based on ER modeling that allows a more flexible and more effective computations.

This journal relates to our weekly topic because of how the journal presents a new methodology based on ER modeling to help improve it’s effectiveness and flexibility. ER modeling are used to help define and identify different entities and the relationships existing among the entities. The authors found that the proposed model is very flexible and more efficient which allows the definition and the computation of custom coverage functions.

I thought it was interesting how the researchers found a new use for ER modeling. Instead of keeping ER modeling just for databases, they used the model as a base to help find a new more effective and flexible microprocessor modeling technique. It shows the potential of ER modeling, not just for databases but other uses as well. This makes me wonder what other uses can researchers find for ER modeling.

Benso, A., Carlo, S. D., Prinetto, P., Savino, A., & Scionti, A. (2008). Using er models for microprocessor functional test coverage evaluation . Electronics Conference, 11, 139-142. doi: 10.1109/BEC.2008.4657498