IT Evolution{1}

by CyberChic
IT is moving to the upper stratosphere where clouds reside. Bernard Golden (2012), who is the CIO of a cloud management software company states that many small and medium companies are giving up in-house information centers to obtain cost advantages by switching to mega-data centers or cloud computing. Being in the vortex of this disruptive technology, Golden (2012) also says that “IT is moving from supporting business processes to being the business’s processes, and that traditional application designs and infrastructures are inadequate to support today’s needs,” which is a very interesting change.
With our storage technology, we have been capturing data for decades. All stored in databases of every kind. It keeps growing and growing. At some point, it becomes cost effective to have someone else, a cloud, hold data or databases for us.
Who came up with the terminology? Cloud gives you no idea where the data is being stored except out there somewhere. Maybe someday with quark technology, it may really be in the clouds but for now it refers to mega-data centers. One company that operates cloud computing is Switch. Their data center is called SuperNAP and it is located near Las Vegas, Nevada. It is roughly 400,000 square feet now with plans of expanding it to two million square feet. Wow, that’s big.

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