Keeping Clouds Green

by Robert T
In this peer reviewed article titled “Green Cloud Computing: Balancing Energy in Processing, Storage and Transport,” the authors shed light on how difficult it is in today’s era to keep the heavy demand of resources a functioning cloud computing database would require while using as little energy as possible. The increasing attention around the world to emit as little waste into the air as technologically possible has been a primary concern for the companies set to release their highly anticipated cloud computing services. In the article the authors list all the available services that a cloud would provide: storage, software, and processing. The analysis also includes both public and private clouds. According to the mathematical results of the authors, “Transport presents a more significant energy cost in public cloud services than in private cloud services. “Significant energy savings are achieved by using lowend laptops for routine tasks and cloud processing services for computationally intensive tasks, instead of a midrange or high-end PC, provided the number of computationally intensive tasks is small.” Cloud computing does, in fact use more resources. In addition, the authors even mention that the problem should be addressed as a serious supply chain logistics problem. According to the authors, “under some circumstances, cloud computing can consume more energy than
conventional computing where each user performs all
computing on their own PC.”

The article then explains that the said conclusion was based solely on the technology of 2010 and years past. Continuous efforts of Amazon, Google and Microsoft to stay as “green” would not only help the earth but may help consumers choose which cloud computing company and service to trust in.

Baliga, J.; Ayre, R.W.A.; Hinton, K.; Tucker, R.S.; , “Green Cloud Computing: Balancing Energy in Processing, Storage, and Transport,” Proceedings of the IEEE , vol.99, no.1, pp.149-167, Jan. 2011
doi: 10.1109/JPROC.2010.2060451

2 thoughts on “Keeping Clouds Green

  • May 28, 2012 at 12:00 am

    Its important to be aware of this problem now before we all companies of the internet fully convert to cloud storage so as to address the growing problems related with it and the environment.

  • May 28, 2012 at 12:15 am

    Well, when cloud service providers are able to have the higher-end PC’s process the the more intensive work, and the lowed laptops to do the relatively smaller work, energy savings could be optimized. Hardware-wise, power supplies that could gauge the process load and to cut energy waste when the computer isn’t processing anything that needs a lot of power would be a great idea to implement into a solution

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