Mamba: New Web Monitor{Comments Off on Mamba: New Web Monitor}

by Peter C

In this article, it was about a powerful web base monitor for Oracle Company.  It is a software that can provide better performance for the database administrator of Oracle.  It performs in real-time and can also save time for those that uses this program. It will look for the problems and will quickly fix it as well.  This will help free up spaces by getting rid of all unnecessary programs that are on that device. This mamba program is free of charge and it doesn’t need any hardware installation for it to work. It can be downloaded from the internet at  It is very crustal for Oracle database because it free up spaces, blocks SID, and provides better performance for the database. Mamba was created by Luminate which is the leading provider for real-time systems performance for internet infrastructure.


The topic of this week was on database environment. My article was about a software that can provide better performance for your computer and your database performance. It will help the company save time and money because it uses it in real-time. It also will free up some spaces by getting rid of all those that are unnecessary on the computer. It will also block all not wanted pop up from the internet. It will trouble shoot itself when it find a problem on the device so that it can give it maximum performance.

I really believe that mamba program is a good software for all people to use. If it can free up some spaces and protect my computer, then I am fine with it. I wouldn’t want others to find out my information because that is my identity. With this program, it can protect me from hackers, viruses, and theft because of its operation system. I probably will enjoy having this software because I will feel more secure with it than without it.



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