New Way to Model Data{3}

The article I read this week was entitled “Software Tool for Automated Analysis of Conceptual Data Model” by Z. Kazi and B. Radulovic. This article goes over the idea that databases can be majorly improved if they are efficiently and correctly made from the get go. The authors point out that many times there are issues created because the admins who are creating the database either do not have the knowledge or the skill to create the initial data model correctly. The proposed solution is to use a few tools to help enable database admins to create better and more efficient databases. The first tool they suggest using is CASE. This software tool helps to create the actual data model itself in the correct form. Next, a tool named PROLOG is used which actually tests the model and gives back input. This program shows the relationships that the user has modeled and also how they relate to each other. PROLOG prints out a form in which it can show attributes of a certain entity and also the rules governing that specific entity. The authors feel that if these tools are used that databases can be created much more efficiently.

I personally found this article extremely interesting. While this article was a little hard at times to read, in the end I would highly suggest it. The article was well written and gave a very nicely detailed synopsis of how data models are created and how they work. I feel that after reading this article I actually understand databases more.

I also found that in this article they used many figures or pictures to demonstrate their points which greatly strengthened their argument. I have posted the link to this article below. It is a very good article which I highly suggest everyone check out.

Kazi, Z., Radulovic, B. (23-27 May 2011). “Software tool for automated analysis of conceptual data model.” MIPRO, 2011 Proceedings of the 34th International Convention, 935-940.