Normalization Vs Denormalization{Comments Off on Normalization Vs Denormalization}

by Tuyen H
In the article “The Design of Optimization Strategy for Physical Data Model” the authors write about that design physical model is very important phase of database design because a well design physical data model will improve the performance of the database. The authors also say that carefully design when using normalization and denormalization also helps improve the performance of the database system. Indeed, the normalization sometime causes slow down the database access, and makes the application programming more difficult. However, denormalization improves SQL server performance. In addition, reasonable using database triggers and non-clustered index also help to improve the database performance.

This article talks about the physical database design and performance which are our week topic. I agree with the authors that denormalization can improve data performance; however, denormalization will increase the data redundancy.

In my opinion, we should really carefully when using denormalization model. However, using reasonable database trigger and index always improves database performance without data redundancy. Xuhui Zuo; Shiling Zhang; , “The

Design of Optimization Strategy for Physical Data Model,” Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling Workshop, 2008. KAM Workshop 2008. IEEE International Symposium on , vol., no., pp.336-339, 21-22 Dec. 2008 doi: 10.1109/KAMW.2008.4810492 URL: